Bardown Productions

Bardown Productions - Content Strategy, Production, and Promotion

Bardown Productions creates highlight tapes for all sports from raw footage. These are essential for athletes looking to produce film for collegiate coaches. Additionally, Bardown Productions can be booked film specific events to enhance the overall quality of the video.

Our clients include many notable athletes and programs, such as Joe Nardella (PLL Whipsnakes), Connor Farrell (PLL Chrome), Ryan Drenner (PLL Waterdogs), Jack Concannon (PLL Atlas), Noah Rak (MLL Hammerheads), NMH basketball, Faceoff Factory, Top Gun Fighting Clams, and many more. Also, with a particular emphasis on making lacrosse videos, Bardown Productions has helped numerous high school students commit to college programs such as Harvard basketball, Hofstra lacrosse, Quinnipiac lacrosse, Brown lacrosse, Providence College lacrosse, Hobart lacrosse, Holy Cross soccer and lacrosse, UVM lacrosse, and many more.

With over 140,000 Instagram views, 30,000 YouTube views and 12,000 Tik Tok views, Bardown is getting athletes seen!

Example Highlight Tapes:

Customer Testimonials:

“Bardown Productions completely transformed our social media game for Faceoff Factory. Bardown Productions brings next-level video and editing skills to the sport of lacrosse and I am extremely excited to see how he continues to evolve his service.”

  • Joe Nardella // Faceoff Factory CEO and PLL Pro

“Bardown Productions is my go-to whenever I need a highlight video made. Bardown Productions was able to make me two high-quality highlight videos to assist me in my recruiting process. Without these necessary videos, I would not be where I am today. Highly recommended!”

  • Gregg Dennison // Providence Lacrosse Commit