About Us

We started Skyward Performance and Consulting because we know that the recruiting process is confusing, with so many different aspects to consider. We also know that the requirements of preparation vary depending when you begin the process. Furthermore, we know there is no single, right way to land the recruiting offer of your dreams, but there is an ideal way for each individual, with their own personal athletic and academic history and potential. The Skyward team is here to identify precisely what that ideal way is and to guide you through every step, with confidence and ease, lead by the expert insight from former college coaches who have decades of experience recruiting athletes for D1, D2 and D3 schools.

From articulating the difference between showcase events and prospect days, to comprehending what constitutes real interest from a college coach, to understanding the admissions practices of various colleges, we are ready to help you navigate this complex and nuanced process. Skyward Performance and Consulting is committed to getting you the full return on the investment you’ve made in the sport and to leverage that into an outstanding college lacrosse experience.

Common questions-

  • Showcase events vs. prospect days
  • Which recruiting events will better meet the needs for your particular college interests
  • What schools should your son/daughter should focus on
  • What is the range of your academic spectrum
  • How to communicate with College coaches
  • How to build relationships with college coaches
  • What constitutes REAL interest from a College coach
  • What do College coaches look for in a recruit
  • What to look for when choosing a club team
  • What are the admissions practices of various colleges- (Rolling Admissions, Early decision, Open enrollment, Early action, Indexing)
  • Differences between D1 D2 and D3 Admissions practices and recruiting practices & restrictions, as well as scholarship availability and allocation
  • Understanding the admissions process of Elite Academic institutions.