Skyward Performance Services

Skyward Flightpath to Peak Potential (Level 1)

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Reflective Athletics EF Assessment and Training for Coaches (Level 2)

Translating cognitive training into game day performance. We assist coaches in understanding the unique gifts of their athletes and offer so they can foster ideal and individualized learning scenarios to help athletes access their gifts in performance and under pressure. From recruiting to player development, to strategies for boosting EF on and off the field, we work with you get the best out of your athletes.

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Skyward Recruiting and Consulting Lacross (Level 3)

Academic support in the student-athlete college application process:

Thorough in-person or video review of player performance we offer an assessment of current abilities and recruiting projection. However, since Skyward Performance is really about personal growth, in addition to our intial assessment of an athlete's current ability, our true goal is to help our clients to exceed their current expectation and change their trajetory. With this in mind, we will provide our clients with a range of possible athletic and academic goals and, most importantly, the tools to reach those goals.

- A comprehensive and indidulized lacrosse training program catered to each client and designed to address an individual's unique needs and areas for improvement. This will be accomplished through a mixture of personlized instuction by our experienced coaching staff and through our partnership with The Lacrosse Institute and their library of cutting edge training videos.

- Creation of an initial list of colleges choices based on an interview and discussion that will help each individual narrow the down and identify their ideal academic and athletic settings.

- Highlight video production (Bardown Produtions)- Over the years we have watched thousands of highlighlight videos and know what it is that coaches are looking for in a potential recruit, and, as importantly, what to avoid including in this crucial step of the recruiting process. We will help you produce a highlight film that focuses on plays that coaches will value.

- Recruiting Resume- With you we will generate a recruiting one-sheet that will presicely highlight the relevant information that coaches are looking for at the early stages of recruitment.

- Academic support: Iniitial Academic assesment and standardized testing review. Dr Zelazo (Suzanne) will give an intial assessment of each individual's writing and continue to work each client right up to college essay and application submission. The academic support at this level is more extensive than at the Performance Package level.