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Skyward Performance

"Finding focus. Finding flow."

“Thus I urge you to go onto your greatness if you believe it is in you.
Think deeply and separate what you wish from what you are prepared to do.”

-Percy Cerutty: Visionary Austrailian Olympic Coach

Skyward Performance -- College Sports Prep

two lacrosse players

When visionary Australian coaching legend Percy Cerutty uttered the quote above in the early 1960's while he was single-handedly transforming the world of running, producing arguably the top roster of athletes under a single coach ever, he was insisting on sport as a vehicle for actualizing self-mastery. As a long-time college lacrosse coach myself, I have challenged hundreds of athletes to consider Cerutty’s proposition. In doing so, I am imploring young athletes to take stock in the journey of realizing their personal and athletic potential, rather than simply concentrating on the destination as an endgame.

At Skyward Performance we are focused on the journey: the necessary steps to reach our goals. We empower developing athletes with the tools to realize their best possible trajectory academically and athletically in a completely tailored, individualized program, with continual support along the way. Unlike other college prep programs, Skyward considers individuals holistically, getting to know each applicant as a multivalent and complex person, thereby enabling us to advise, not simply on the best academic and athletic matches, but also the best socio-cultural environment conducive to allowing them to shine.